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Work with a driven team that’s focused on you

Anchia’s means excellence. We’re the team that’s dedicated to helping you consolidate and integrate the things that your fleet needs most, so that you can spend more time focusing on the real issues facing your organization. Trust us to manage everything you need to keep your fleet on the road and doing reliable work.

Get to know our expert team

We have been serving the Houston area since 1997. Our experts have more than 80 years of combined experience in related fields

Our core values

GO GETTERS: We do what ever it takes to accomplish our customers goals and needs.

CLOSERS: We will pursue the challenge, commit to it and embrace it until producing a feasible solution, solve the issue and complete the task for good.

PROBLEM SOLVERS: Our customers’ needs and problems are our company’s puzzles, we’ll go through all the pieces and create the missing ones until completed based on:

a. Knowledgeable and experienced team.

b. Strong and effective research skills.

c. Analytical thinking. We will evaluate all aspects of tasks and needs, consider all corners, market changes, technology evolution and customer needs

d. Solutions review. Solutions are scanned until cost/effective and efficient ones are produced.

DEPENDABLE: We are self tracked service oriented. Our customers can rest assured tasks assigned will get done. Our service is dependable and predictable

CALCULATED RISK TAKERS: We will invest and risk to meet the challenge and tasks, to meet our customers’ proven needs assuring stable quality service, never compromising our reputation

TEAMWORK PRODUCT: Our organization and its results are build upon everyone’s contribution.

Our service ethics:

Excellence: We commit to uphold the highest standards in professional services, relying on the best qualified personnel, technological equipment and quality parts.

Transparency: We are committed to keep our customers fully informed during the repair process. From valid estimates, solution technical approach, and follow up to give awareness of changes.

Accountability: Our responsibility to the customer is a responsibility to ourselves.

Building Customers for Life